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The next big thing in physical security.


Security Survey App

This desktop and mobile application has been designed to replace the paper-based Security Survey which can take months to deliver, and can become out of date with a slight change of landscape.


With the use of AI and data, AIR generates the data relevant to the type of space surveyed automatically and immediately. It also provides users with the option to use voice to text while completing a physical survey.

The AI-driven database establishes the security context associated with a site and digitally tracks and analyses security vulnerabilities.



Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

The AI-driven database uses external data to help security teams establish the security context and identify the relevant threat or vulnerabilities associated with a site. Each will be digitally tracked and analysed to ensure the threats are clearly identified and mitigation strategies planned in.

Keeping the decision and data at your fingertips removes the need for rework and keeps each site security relevant and up to date.


Risk Analyser

This desktop application enhances or replaces the manually generated opinion-based Security Risk Assessment Report.


The automatically generated risk report will allow users to easily view threats and risks, including their likelihood of occurring, recognisability, severity, and impact on any particular asset.

AIR keeps the report relevant by providing ongoing real-time alerts of any new threats organisations face.


AIR Identify reduces the operational effort required to create SRA reports by two-thirds and ensure the data remains relevant in the future.


Incident Management

Manage your guards onboarding, training and operations guides in one digital app. Guards can now track all incidents with the Guarding App and be reminded of the steps required to follow when an incident takes place.


AIR maps all incidents back to the risk assessment to ensure the Risk Report remains up-to-date and relevant.


SecurityTechnology Management

Monitoring the installation of security equipment and track comments or feedback is now easier than ever. AIR makes it easy to manage security vendors, such as security guards or CCTV installers.


Security Operations Management

This security operational governance tool that allows security teams to govern, track, and manage all security aspects, including manpower, technology and documentation, from a centralised digital device.


Organisations can digitally share briefs for installation, and scoring the results is quickly done via the AIR Resolve App.

Combating global security challenges and threats requires an intelligent application that can rapidly sift through overwhelming amounts of data that cannot be processed at the human level.

By leveraging AIR technology to generate greater intelligence, physical security and operations experts can do more with less, improving operating efficiency and reducing operating and capital expenses. AIR uses advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and data analytics to identify and resolve the most critical security threats and risks. Our software-as-a-service tool provides a time-saving solution for organisations seeking to manage risks pragmatically. With improved security asset utilisation, better lifecycle management, and faster response times at a lower cost, AIR leads the way in effective risk management.

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