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Technology Design Consultancy

To deliver all technical components of our clients' advances, we provide a comprehensive service. The entire operational performance of our client's projects is greatly influenced by effective and user-friendly information technology, audiovisual, and acoustic design.

What We Do


Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

Good acoustics can reduce stress, aid learning and improve health. We help our clients understand noise and vibration constraints on a project – and advise on how best to mitigate them.

Our acoustics team has significant experience in noise and vibration, covering site planning, infrastructure, architecture and engineering.


Audio Visual (AV)

Our team works with our clients to provide the best, most immersive visual and audio experience for the environment. Conveying the right feeling and emotions is the key to AV design.

We work to develop a solution that is sized and scaled to immerse people into meeting rooms, broadcast spaces, stadia or theme parks.


Information Technology (IT)

We create IT infrastructure and integrated technology designs that support buildings and businesses from day one and into the future. The built environment is powered by a myriad of complex systems that enable businesses, buildings and people to operate effectively. Our consultants combine technology expertise with built environment knowledge to design network and ICT infrastructure solutions that ensure operations are never compromised and reach their full potential.

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