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Strategic Security Consulting

We reduce any uncertainty to enable better decisions, mitigate risks and maximise

profits in the journey toward achieving high performance.

What We Do


Strategy Development

Strategy development that helps establish and deliver near- to long-term plans and roadmaps that advance the security status of your software and hardware assets, networks, services, and information.


Strategy development establishes the vision for your programme. It delivers strategic roadmaps to support programme establishment, optimisation and transformation.


Governance Development

Governance development looks at frameworks, policies, standards and guidelines to formalise your security programme. It ensures security practices are consistently applied within your organisation by your workforce.


Organisational Design Services

Organisational design services to establish a structure, staffing, and operating model aligned with your strategy and organisational needs.


Security Capability Studies

Capability studies that target operational gaps in your organisation’s physical, event, travel security and executive security functions, and more.


Security Maturity Assessments

Maturity assessments help you to advance your capabilities to meet the needs of your business.


Security Benchmarking

Benchmarking exercises that allow you to see how your security programmes and practices compare against your peers and industry standards such as ISO31000, ISO22301 and ISO31030 for travel security.

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