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The digital shift of urban infrastructure

City neighbourhoods increasingly evolve to the residents’ desire for individuality and a local lifestyle. Consequently, residents must depend on infrastructure and buildings created for sustainability just as much as people-oriented transport and mobility, efficient city management, and safety and security. Smart, digital technologies provide the key to creating livable, adaptable, accessible, safe and sustainable urban communities and buildings.

BARC helps authorities, planners and investors create an innovative, sustainable, and adaptive infrastructure for their city district. Our solutions make it possible to merge planning and information technology to enhance the lives of residents – with buildings that leverage data and artificial intelligence.

Security is one of the most critical enablers for how we live and do business in a globalised world. Digitalisation affects all industries and is a potent trigger and enabler of change. As the global security landscape and their demands change, it’s more important to ensure that protection through advanced security management and services safeguards our customers’ to compete and maintain business continuity.


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